28 October 2017

3 Revenue Sharing Programs To Increase Your Passive Income Stream

Passive income streams are the key to securing wealth throughout your life. In the past, passive income could be through rental properties, patent payouts, or usage rights. In the age of the internet, passive income has become much easier to start, even for those who are unfamiliar. The method of passive income I will discuss here is writing on the internet for money. Websites will pay you to write content on their site (either a percentage of revenue or per page view, discussed later). 

Most sites use Google Adsense to payout advertising. Google Adsense is how bloggers, website owners, and YouTubers are paid for generating ad impressions and clicks. Sign up is free and generally pretty easy. Once you have an account, you will enter your Adsense ID to the revenue sharing website. Now, the site will display your ads on articles that you publish, allowing you to generate income. Other sites will pay you directly for page views. You'll link your PayPal email or bank account information and when you reach a minimum payout balance, the site will give you the option to cash out your balance. This article will look both types of payment options from revenue sharing websites. 

InfoBarrel is one of the most popular revenue sharing sites. Most articles on here are instructional over a wide variety of topics. Payouts can occur over PayPal or by being shared with an advertising partner. 

Topic Loop
Topic Loop is a newer revenue sharing site. They prefer users submit posts relating to topics like technology, lifestyle, and entertainment. They use a ad revenue sharing model where users are given 85% of the ad revenue that is generated. 

Bubblews is an 'anything-goes' site. Users are encouraged to write about whatever comes to their mind. Most postings on here are blog postings, users talking about their day, or whatever is going on in their life. Users are paid based on the number of views and comments their articles get.

As with all things, there is no such thing as free money. If you put in the work to consistently write articles and build up a base of readers, you can get a fair amount of passive income generated.

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